• The Beginner’s Guide to Beach Photo Shoots

    When you’re working with a professional photographer in New York City , it’s essential to be prepared. That means knowing what you’re modeling and where your photo shoot will take place. If you’re preparing for your first photo shoot on a beach, keep reading to learn some of the basics. beach - shot

    Know what you’re modeling.

    Beach photo shoots are popular for highlighting swimwear and other types of summer attire. If you’re getting ready to model a bikini or other garment that shows a lot of skin, it’s important to prepare yourself before the shoot. Avoid wearing undergarments or anything else that features elastic at least a few hours before your call time, as these items can leave indentations in your skin. Stick to loose-fitting clothing that will not leave any marks on your skin so you’ll be able to feel confident in whatever clothing you’re modeling.

    Find out if hair and makeup needs will change.

    Even if you have experience getting your hair and makeup done for fashion photography shoots in a studio, you should still ask about hair and makeup needs for your upcoming beach photo shoot. Because you’ll be outside in the sun, your hair and makeup will need to be able to take the heat. You may need to try out a new makeup routine or hairstyle in order to keep everything looking great during a shoot in the sun and by the water.

    Get a good night’s rest.

    It’s always important to be well-rested before participating in any type of fashion photography shoot. This is especially true when you’re taking part in a beach photo shoot where you’ll be in the sun for long periods of time. A good night’s rest will help ensure that you look your best for your photo shoot. It will also help ensure that you are able to perform up to the professional photographer’s standards. Try to get plenty of sleep the night before your shoot so you wake up feeling well-rested and full of energy.

  • Dating Profile Picture Don’ts for Men

    If you’ve decided that it’s time to try online dating, the first step you’ll need to take is finding the right profile picture. You need to make a great first impression in order to find the right match when you join a dating site. Visiting a headshot photographer to get a dating headshot in New York City is a great way to avoid the dating profile picture don’ts you can see in this video.

    Your dating profile shouldn’t feature the same types of pictures you share on social media. These snaps are fun, but may not make the best impression if you use them as a dating headshot. A professional headshot photographer can help you feel comfortable in front of the camera so you get a great shot that you’ll be proud to display on your profile.

  • Make Your Online Dating Profile Work for You

    When you’re busy with work and other responsibilities, finding a date can seem challenging. Luckily, online dating makes it easier than ever to meet other singles with similar interests. Consider visiting a photography studio in New York City to get the best pictures, and follow these tips to create a stand-out online dating profile: dating - profile - picture

    Keep a Positive Attitude

    Getting back into the dating game may seem overwhelming at first, but keeping a positive attitude will help you enjoy the experience while you look for a romantic match. Remember that dating should be fun—and that fun should start when you’re creating an online dating profile! Bring a sense of enthusiasm and positivity to the table when creating your profile, and let your true personality shine through.

    Choose the Right Pictures

    Posting photos of yourself is an important part of creating your online dating profile. It’s important to choose photos that you find flattering so you feel totally comfortable and confident posting them. You can be sure to get great dating profile photos by visiting a portrait studio. A professional photographer can help you find your best angles and create the most flattering atmosphere to produce fabulous pictures you’ll be proud to show off.

    Be Honest

    You want to make an online dating profile that stands out, but only for the right reasons. Embellishing certain facts about yourself may seem like a good idea initially, but you’ll soon find that honesty is always the best policy for online dating profiles. Share your favorite qualities about yourself and talk about what you like to do outside of the office and on the weekends. That way, you’ll stand out by being yourself.

    Update Regularly

    No matter how many matches you get or how many dates you go on, it’s important to keep your profile updated as long as it is online. Head back to the portrait studio to snap more fabulous pictures if your current photos have been up for a while. Update your personal information as changes occur and always keep potential matches up-to-date on your hobbies and interests.

  • Children’s Portraits from Joyce Anderson Photography

    In the age of smartphone cameras and instant social media sharing, many parents near Manhattan haven’t yet considered bringing their kids to a photography studio for professional children’s portraits . But charming and candid though they may be, cell phone snapshots are no substitute for the beautiful photographs that come out of a portrait studio.

    Your child may not need professional headshots, but if you want a series of images that capture his or her ephemeral early years, invest in a series of portraits from Joyce Anderson Photography. Every child has a one-of-a-kind personality, and we aim to capture that in a natural, relaxed way in our studio. After the initial session with your child, we will then use professional quality post-production techniques to edit the resulting raw photos, so that each shot we deliver to you highlights your child’s special qualities and unique charm. Our children’s portraits will capture beautiful moments that will become treasured memories for you and your son or daughter many years from now.

    kids - pictures