• What is a Customized Portrait Package?

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why it’s a good idea to meet with a headshot photographer in New York City when you want to capture precious moments in your life. Whether you’re getting married, graduating from school, or announcing an addition to your family, you can make sure this milestone is properly documented by scheduling a professional photo shoot .

    When you select a customized portrait package, you and your headshot photographer will work together to come up with the perfect plan for your pictures. You can decide how long the photo shoot will be, how many outfit changes you will have, how photos will be retouched, and what size your photos will be when they’re ready. Instead of trying to take your own pictures, you can work with a professional who has the right tools and training to make sure you feel comfortable, beautiful, and ready to pose in front of the camera.

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  • Improving Your Online Image with Corporate Headshots

    Have you been thinking about scheduling a corporate photo shoot in New York City? Investing in professional headshots is a great way to improve business cards and print materials, but it can also help you improve your online image. Continue reading to discover some of the benefits of corporate headshots. work- headshot

    Make Your Company’s Website Look More Professional

    Having an “About Us” page is a great way to make your company more approachable while also showing off the various skills and hobbies each employee has. Instead of simply listing each employee’s name, you should consider including a professional headshot for everyone. This can add a level of professionalism to your website and make customers feel like they’re working with real people instead of faceless names.

    Update Your Social Media Pages

    Social media plays an important role in online marketing, which is why it’s important for your company and employees to maintain active profiles. No matter what social media platforms you use, it’s a good idea to include a high-quality picture if they’re going to be attached to your company. Working with a corporate headshot photographer will allow you to get the high-quality pictures that will add to your social media pages.

    Keep Your LinkedIn Page Current

    LinkedIn is a unique social media platform that allows you to network and learn about potential job opportunities. Even if you are currently unemployed, you can use LinkedIn to share your work history and goals and reach out to potential employers. To make your profile look as professional, approachable, and inviting as possible, you should include a high-quality picture. Schedule a corporate photo shoot to get pictures that you can choose from for your profile.

    Enhance Your Emails

    Depending on the type of work you do, emails might play a big role in your day-to-day responsibilities. Many email accounts allow users to upload pictures that appear in emails. Along with a signature, a professional headshot can make your emails appear more professional, which will make a good impression on the people you communicate with throughout your workday.

  • Tips for Your Online Dating Profile

    Meeting people can be hard, but online dating websites make it easy for busy professionals to avoid wasting time and get straight to their potential matches. If you’re planning on setting up a dating profile , you’ll want to meet with a professional dating headshot photographer in New York City. You should also watch this video for some other useful tips.

    Your dating profile should have at least one great picture of you so potential matches can see what you look like and get an idea of your personality and sense of style. That’s why it’s a good idea to meet with a headshot photographer. When you start talking to potential matches online, avoid talking too much and simply schedule a date. You’ll have plenty of time to talk to one another in person.

  • Picking Jewelry for Your Online Dating Profile Photo Shoot

    Setting up an online dating profile is a great way to meet new potential partners. While you’ll have space to write about yourself on the dating site, you’ll also want to focus on your profile picture. This is the first photo your potential matches will see of you, which is why it’s a good idea to make sure you look great with the right outfit and accessories. These tips can help you pick jewelry before meeting with an online headshot photographer in New York City : earrings - photoshoot

    Choose Your Outfit

    You can’t accessorize without an outfit, which is why it’s a good idea to pick your clothing before choosing your jewelry. You want to make a great first impression in your dating headshots, but you don’t want to look too different from how you normally look. Select clothing that reflects your personality while also allowing you to look put-together and attractive. This will help ensure that you feel like yourself during your photo shoot.

    Think About Your Style and Personality

    Once you’ve figured out what outfit you want to wear for your dating headshots, you can accessorize it by finding the right jewelry. Like your clothing, your accessories should also show off your personality and sense of style. If you have a bubblier personality, you might want to choose colorful or quirky pieces. If you have a more polished personality, then simple and sophisticated pieces might be the right choice.

    Keep Comfort in Mind

    Appearance isn’t the only factor to think about when choosing jewelry—you’ll also want to think about how comfortable each piece is. Some jewelry is stunning, but too heavy or irritating to wear during a photo shoot. If you don’t feel comfortable during your time with a personal headshot photographer, that discomfort is likely to show in your photos. You can avoid this by selecting jewelry that is lightweight and feels good against your skin so you can focus on flashing a beautiful smile.

  • How Your Dating Profile is Like a Job Interview

    When you schedule an appointment with a dating headshot photographer in NYC, it is a lot like scheduling an appointment with a corporate headshot photographer. That’s because your dating profile is pretty similar to a job interview. Keep reading to see how alike these 2 different parts of your life really are: dating - profile

    You want to make a great first impression.

    First impressions really do matter, especially in the worlds of dating and job-hunting. Your dating headshot should show off your most flattering angles so that you can catch the eye of your potential matches. This is just like going on a job interview where you want to catch the eye of your potential employer by being the most appealing candidate for the position.

    You want to look your best so you can feel confident.

    Looking good on the outside helps you feel good on the inside. When you are proud about your makeup, clothing, hair, and overall styling, you’ll be able to put your best face forward and come off as confident and engaging. Being confident in your appearance is important when taking online dating headshots and when being interviewed for a job.

    You want to show why you’re a great match.

    An online dating profile is similar to a résumé. You’ll list some basic facts about yourself and go into a little more detail about your hobbies, interests, and other facts that make you who you are—and hopefully make you look like an appealing match. You want to come off as the most appealing match with your online dating headshot and profile as well as your job interview experiences.

    You want to leave them wanting you.

    Whether you’re trying to attract a new date or a new employer, you always want to leave them wanting more. A great job interview should leave your potential new employer thinking about how well you will do after being hired for the position. Similarly, a great online dating profile will leave potential dates thinking about how much they want to spend time with you, which will encourage them to contact you.

  • Monthly Seminars at Joyce Anderson Photography’s NYC Studio

    Living in or near New York City can be very beneficial for models of all ages and skill levels . If you are looking for a headshot photographer in NYC, you can find the services you need and much more at Joyce Anderson Photography. Check out what you can learn at Joyce Anderson Photography’s upcoming March model and headshot photographer seminar: professional - pictures

    See Posing Techniques in Action

    If you are a visual learner, then Joyce Anderson Photography’s March 2017 seminar can help enhance your modeling education. While magazines and online blogs may offer tips to help you pose, they don’t offer a real-life look at how to achieve these poses. Joyce Anderson Photography’s upcoming seminar will feature a live model who will not only show you great posing techniques for headshot photographers, but what steps go into achieving these techniques. Learning how to position your body into a good pose is just as important as learning which poses work best for your body and the product.

    Learn About Modeling Portfolios

    As a model, your portfolio serves as your resume. It is essential to maintain an impressive portfolio that shows a range of photos, poses, and locations so that casting directors will be able to picture you in their upcoming campaigns. By attending this seminar, you will be able to watch and listen to modeling professionals who can offer tips for developing an excellent portfolio.

    Discover Social Media Picture Tips

    This seminar will also feature tips for using social media’s photo gallery features to your benefit as a model. Today’s models can and should use social media to help them boost their careers. Social media can help you show off your photos and get more recognition from consumers and casting directors.

  • When Should Musicians Have Professional Photo Shoots?

    Musicians can enhance their images with a variety of tools, including professional headshots in New York City . If you are a musician, it’s a good idea to know when you should work with a professional to create images for your events and materials. This guide can help you understand the benefits: musician - headshots

    When Creating Album Covers

    Making an album is a special moment for any musician. Whether this is your first album or you’ve made some in the past, you should consider working with a professional headshot photographer. Your album cover should represent your music while also drawing in people who have not heard your music before. A professional headshot will show people who you are and give them an idea of what to expect from your music.

    When Promoting Gigs

    If you have a gig coming up, you’ll probably want to get as many people as possible to show up. People will be more likely to show up if they see an interesting poster that promotes the event. Professional headshots look great and can be incorporated into a variety of designs that can be used for posters, flyers, and other materials to promote your event and encourage people to show up.

    When Distributing Promotional Materials

    Do you offer music lessons or want to create promotional materials to show off your skills? Musicians are often hired for orchestras, bands, and short-term jobs in a variety of fields. You can create professional-looking promotional materials that will help you apply for these jobs. A professional headshot photographer can help you create great promotional materials.

    When Using Social Media

    Social media provides a great way for musicians to connect with fans. It can also be used to reach out to potential employers and partners in the music industry. If you want to create a strong online presence, you will need to have professional headshots to use on your profiles. Hire a photographer so you can get high-quality images that are sure to look great on the social media platforms you use.

  • Headshot Tips for Actors

    Are you just starting out in the world of acting? If so, you’ll need a professional actor headshot . Professional headshots in New York City are a must-have for auditions as they serve as a resume that can help you land roles in a variety of acting jobs. Watch this video to learn more about headshots for actors.

    Color photos are popular for actor headshots because they let casting directors easily see your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Working with a professional headshot photographer will help you find a great pose that shows off your looks while also representing your personality. These actor headshots will come in handy during auditions, giving you a better chance of landing a job.

  • Benefits of Working with a Professional Photographer for Actor Headshots

    Is it time for you to take new actor headshots in New York City? If so, it is a good idea to hire a professional photographer to help you capture these pictures. Professionals know how to create the best images, letting you focus on showing your personality and practicing your craft. Keep reading to see the benefits of working with a professional photographer. actor - headshots

    Having the Right Equipment

    Your phone might have a great camera on it, but that doesn’t mean you should use it to capture your actor headshots. Even if you own a high-quality camera, it is always better to work with a professional photographer instead of trying to get your headshots on your own. Professionals have high-quality cameras designed to get great pictures of faces. They also have lighting, backdrops, and other items that can enhance the overall look of your photos.

    Getting Good Advice

    Along with having the right equipment, a professional photographer will also have great advice to help you get the actor headshots you want. Your photographer will have experience working with actors, meaning she will have great tips to offer you when it comes to setting the scene for excellent headshots.

    Showing Your Personality

    Actors must transform into the characters they are portraying. But for actor headshots, the only role you should be playing is yourself. These photos should show casting agents what you look like while also offering a glimpse of your personality. Talk to the photographer so you can work together to make sure you are displaying your personality during the photo shoot.

    Focusing on Your Work

    If you try to take your own actor headshots or have a friend take them for you, you will be responsible for editing the photos to create the final product. When you work with a professional photographer, she will be able to produce the final images that you can be proud to show off during an audition.

  • Deciding on the Right Picture for Your Online Dating Profile

    Online dating profiles make it easier than ever to find potential matches with similar interests! But before you can post your profile, you’ll need to choose a great online dating headshot . Discover the best ways to choose a good picture, including working with a personal headshot photographer in New York City, by reading on: dating - profile

    Work with a professional photographer.

    You may have a camera on your phone, but that doesn’t mean a selfie is the way to go for your online dating headshot. Instead of trying to take your own pictures, consider scheduling an appointment with a professional headshot photographer. This professional will have the right tools and knowledge to help you set the perfect scene for your dating headshots. You are sure to have an easier time finding a great picture for your online dating profile when you work with a professional photographer.

    Show off your style.

    When it’s time for your headshot photo shoot, it’s important that you represent yourself well. You shouldn’t go over-the-top with your clothes, hair style, or make-up if you do not normally style yourself this way. You should look your best for your dating headshot, but this means the best version of yourself—not of someone else. Choose your favorite outfit and style yourself the way you normally would so your headshot offers a good representation of your appearance. You can try different poses and smiles when you’re working with the photographer to produce a great range of photos.

    Ask your friends.

    Working with a professional photographer will give you a great selection of quality pictures from which to choose, but you’ll still have to narrow down your options. If you are having a hard time deciding which picture is right for your online dating headshot, it’s a good idea to ask your friends for advice. Show some of your trusted friends the pictures from your photo shoot and ask for their input. They can help you choose a photo that represents your style and personality, allowing you to create a fantastic online dating profile.