Do You Need New Acting Headshots?

Acting Headshots at Joyce Anderson Photography
If you’re an actor, then you already know that professional headshots are an important part of the auditioning process. These photos are used by casting agents when they’re narrowing down their options, which is why it’s so important to make sure you always have a high-quality professional headshot available. Find out if it’s time to get new professional actor headshots in New York City: You’ve Changed Your Appearance As an actor, you should be able to transform into whatever role you’re playing. But your headshot should give casting agents a good idea of what you currently look like. If you’ve recently made a significant change to your appearance, such as getting a different hairstyle or losing weight, then now might be the right time for new actor headshots. Work with a professional headshot photographer so you can get great photos that highlight your new appearance. You’ve Gotten Older How old are your current headshots? Even if you haven’t gotten a new hairstyle or made any other drastic changes, your appearance may have changed a bit as you’ve gotten older. Look closely at your current actor headshots and determine whether they are a good representation of your current appearance. Your Current Headshots are Dated Trends go in and out of style quickly, which can make photos look outdated. If your current headshot features any clothing, hair, or makeup trends that have gone out of style, then you might want to replace them with new photos. Choose simple and timeless clothing and accessories for your new headshot so it won’t look dated in a few years. You’re Not Getting the Roles You Want Your headshots help casting agents determine whether you’re a good fit for the roles they’re casting. If you’re not getting callbacks for the roles that you want, your headshots might not be presenting the image you want them to present. Work with a professional headshot photographer to capture new images that better represent you.