• Tips for Styling Shorter Hair

    A lot of people enjoy cutting their hair a bit shorter in the summer, when the weather is warm. If you’ve recently cut your hair and are looking for ways to style it before meeting with a headshot photographer in New York City, you can get some tips by watching this video. Using a flat […]

  • Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick for Your Photo Shoot

    When you’re meeting with a headshot photographer in NYC, it’s a good idea to pick an outfit, accessories, and makeup that you know will look fabulous in your photos. Whether you’re getting online dating headshots or pictures for your modeling portfolio , it’s important to know which colors are most flattering to you—especially when it […]

  • How to Find Your Best Side for Photos

    Whether you’re meeting with a headshot photographer in New York City to take modeling photos or to take dating headshots, it’s a good idea to practice posing in the mirror before the day of your photo shoot . The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to create beautiful poses without having […]

  • Album Artwork Tips for Musicians

    Professional headshots in New York City are great choices for CD Cover artwork . If you are putting together a professional recording of your music, you will need to know how you can create a recording that represents your music. These tips can help: Work with a professional headshot photographer. No matter what genre of […]

  • Looking Your Best for Your Online Dating Portraits

    Online dating has become a popular choice for men and women of all ages. Instead of wasting time trying to meet people that possibly share your interests, you can create an online profile and get connected with matches quickly and easily. Make the most of your profile by scheduling a photo session with a personal […]

  • Does Your Online Dating Profile Represent You?

    Setting up an online dating profile is a great way to put yourself out there and meet new people. If you’re interested in finding a companion, you’ll want a profile that does a good job of representing who you are to potential matches. Schedule a meeting with a dating headshot photographer in New York City […]

  • The Differences between Beach Photo Shoots and Studio Photo Shoots

    If you’re putting together a modeling portfolio in New York City, you should try to get a variety of pictures to show off your body of work. That includes pictures taken during studio photo shoots and beach photo shoots. Keep reading to learn about the differences between these types of shoots: Weather The biggest difference […]

  • Finding the Perfect Pose

    Visiting a professional photographer in New York City is a great first step toward creating your modeling portfolio. When you head to a portrait studio and work with a portrait photographer, you’ll be able to benefit from a professional atmosphere and advice from people with experience. But before you can plan a photoshoot session, you’ll […]

  • Essential Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot

    Are you preparing for a photo shoot? Whether you’ve landed a job or need new model headshots in New York City, you should feel comfortable and well-prepared to get in front of the camera. Keep reading for tips that can help you prepare for a successful photo shoot. Practice in the Mirror Every model should […]

  • Avoiding Headshot Mistakes

    Any aspiring model who is trying to get signed by an agency needs to have a great headshot. If you are planning to get professional model headshots near New York City, it’s important to know what agents want to see. As a general rule, model headshots should be simple, clean, and well-lighted. A good headshot […]