• Tips for Styling Shorter Hair

    A lot of people enjoy cutting their hair a bit shorter in the summer, when the weather is warm. If you’ve recently cut your hair and are looking for ways to style it before meeting with a headshot photographer in New York City, you can get some tips by watching this video.

    Using a flat iron is a great way to add subtle curls to your short hair. Curl your hair slightly under for a more sophisticated look or curl it the other way for an edgier look. If you want to add volume, you can spray dry shampoo on your roots and then use a comb or brush to gently tease your roots, making your hair look fuller. These tips are sure to help you have a great hair day when you meet with a headshot photographer.

  • Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick for Your Photo Shoot

    When you’re meeting with a headshot photographer in NYC, it’s a good idea to pick an outfit, accessories, and makeup that you know will look fabulous in your photos. Whether you’re getting online dating headshots or pictures for your modeling portfolio , it’s important to know which colors are most flattering to you—especially when it comes to your makeup. The right makeup will help you look and feel fabulous, while the wrong makeup can be unflattering to your skin tone, style, and personality.

    No matter what type of look you want to achieve when you meet with your headshot photographer, you’ll want to choose the right color and style of lipstick. Darker lipstick typically results in a bolder look, but this is not the only factor to consider. You should also think about whether your skin has cool or warm undertones and then look for lipstick shades with matching undertones. It is also important to consider how the color looks in relation to the color of your skin, hair, and eyes. Finally, you should figure out what type of lipstick you find most comfortable. Do you like the long-lasting appeal of liquid lipsticks, or would you prefer something lightweight and glossy? The lipstick type can affect its appearance, so keep this in mind.

    photo - lipstick

  • How to Find Your Best Side for Photos

    Whether you’re meeting with a headshot photographer in New York City to take modeling photos or to take dating headshots, it’s a good idea to practice posing in the mirror before the day of your photo shoot . The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to create beautiful poses without having to look in the mirror before each shot, which will help both you and your headshot photographer stay in the zone and have the best experience possible.

    When you’re practicing your posing, you can figure out which side is your best side. Use a digital camera or your smartphone to take pictures of yourself from both sides of your face. Carefully study each photo to determine which side of your face shows off the best features and will look best when you meet with a headshot photographer. Finding your best side will make it easier to get the great pictures you want without wasting time during your photo shoot.

    model -side

  • Album Artwork Tips for Musicians

    Professional headshots in New York City are great choices for CD Cover artwork . If you are putting together a professional recording of your music, you will need to know how you can create a recording that represents your music. These tips can help: album - photoshoot

    Work with a professional headshot photographer.

    No matter what genre of music you play or what type of CD recording you want to create, it is a good idea to find a professional headshot photographer. Working with a professional will allow you to create high-quality images, which will make your CD more visually appealing to potential listeners. The photographer will also be able to offer advice if you explain the type of cover art or image you want to create or the feelings you want to convey. A professional-looking Compact Disc can also help you get more opportunities to share your music.

    Think about your music.

    Whether this is your first album or you have created recorded music in the past, you should always think about your music during the process. Does your music fall into a certain genre, or do you mix different types of music to create a signature style? The way you want people to feel when they listen to your music is the same way you want them to feel when they look at your CD cover’s artwork. A professional headshot photographer can help you try different poses, lighting options, and overall styles so you can create the perfect image to represent you as a musician.

    Style yourself appropriately.

    While a photographer can help you figure out the more technical aspects of your photo shoot, it is usually your responsibility to style yourself, however, we can help with styling for a photo shoot as well. As a musician, your image plays an important role in your overall appeal to listeners. If you plan to feature yourself on your CD cover, it is important to make sure you wear clothing and accessories that show off your personal style. Consider working with a professional hairstylist and makeup artist if you want help creating a look that will allow you to feel comfortable, confident, and proud of your music.

  • Looking Your Best for Your Online Dating Portraits

    Online dating has become a popular choice for men and women of all ages. Instead of wasting time trying to meet people that possibly share your interests, you can create an online profile and get connected with matches quickly and easily. Make the most of your profile by scheduling a photo session with a personal headshot photographer in New York City. dating - profile - picture

    Choose the right outfit.

    Your style can say a lot about your personality, which is why it is important to select the right outfit when preparing to visit a headshot photographer. Even though you will not be able to see your entire outfit in your dating headshot, it is essential that you feel comfortable and confident in your ensemble so these emotions will come through in your pictures.

    Create a complete look.

    Along with a stylish and comfortable outfit, you will also want to think about makeup, hair styling, and accessories before taking dating headshots. These are all elements of a complete look and can help you feel even more confident and ready to smile when you see the headshot photographer. Stick with makeup, hair styles, and accessories that you are used to and feel confident with, as a totally new look may not be the best option for your dating profile.

    Practice your posture.

    Good posture helps you look and feel your best. When you sit up straight for your photo session, you can look as long, lean, and attractive as possible. If you are slouching or hiding your neck in your photos, potential matches may see this as a lack of confidence. Sitting up straight makes it easier to get the perfect picture.

    Talk to the photographer.

    The headshot photographer you visit will help ensure that you get attractive and high-quality photos. This professional can also help you feel more comfortable during the experience. If you’re unsure of how to prepare for this photo session, do not hesitate to ask the photographer for advice. She will be able to answer your questions so you can have a great photo session.

  • Does Your Online Dating Profile Represent You?

    Setting up an online dating profile is a great way to put yourself out there and meet new people. If you’re interested in finding a companion, you’ll want a profile that does a good job of representing who you are to potential matches. Schedule a meeting with a dating headshot photographer in New York City and follow these tips: profile - picture

    Post a flattering picture.

    While appearance shouldn’t be the only factor people consider when looking for a date, it always helps to make a good first impression. Taking a great picture is one of the most important steps you’ll take when setting up an online dating profile. You want a flattering dating headshot that will make potential matches want to learn more about you. Visiting a headshot photographer will allow you to try different poses with help from a professional, making it much easier to find the right dating headshot.

    Write an appealing description of yourself.

    A great online dating headshot will represent your appearance, but what about your personality? Online dating profiles also provide a space where you can post a description of yourself or answer questions about your lifestyle and interests. This part of your profile is essential for providing a great representation of who you are so potential matches will be able to determine their level of interest. Be sure to highlight positive aspects of your personality and lifestyle and list any hobbies you would want to share with your future partner.

    Detail what you want in a match.

    Along with describing yourself, it’s also a good idea to talk about what you want in your partner. If you are a working professional, you’ll probably want a partner that understands your dedication to your career. If you enjoy spending time with your adult children, you’ll likely desire a partner that also has a strong family bond. Think about what you like to do and what you would like to do with your future partner so you can detail what you are looking for in a match.

  • The Differences between Beach Photo Shoots and Studio Photo Shoots

    If you’re putting together a modeling portfolio in New York City, you should try to get a variety of pictures to show off your body of work. That includes pictures taken during studio photo shoots and beach photo shoots. Keep reading to learn about the differences between these types of shoots: photo - shoot


    The biggest difference between beach photography and studio photography is the weather. When you’re on the beach, you’ll be exposed to the sunlight, water, and other natural elements. You can prepare yourself for spending time on the beach by getting a good night of sleep before your shoot. It’s also important to stay hydrated throughout the day, so make sure you have water with you that you can drink during breaks.


    When you’re doing a photo shoot in a portrait studio, you’ll likely be in front of some sort of backdrop. This backdrop may be a solid color or pattern, or may be altered to look like a different background during the photo editing process. You might also have props to use during the shoot. When you’re doing a photo shoot on the beach, your setting is the beach and water behind you. Be aware of your natural scenery so that you feel comfortable during the shoot. This will translate well to your photos.


    Every model should know how to use the lighting to create the best picture in a portrait studio. You can try different poses and movements to find the most flattering picture with the lighting available. During a beach photo shoot, the sun provides your lighting. It’s a good idea to practice taking pictures in the sunlight to see how lighting affects the outcome.


    There are many different types of fashion photography you might experience as a model. Posing plays an important role in every photo shoot, and it’s important to try different posing methods for different photo shoots. The poses that work best when you’re modeling an elegant evening gown may not be the right poses when you’re wearing a bikini on the beach. Try different poses to find the best options for your beach photo shoot.

  • Finding the Perfect Pose

    Visiting a professional photographer in New York City is a great first step toward creating your modeling portfolio. When you head to a portrait studio and work with a portrait photographer, you’ll be able to benefit from a professional atmosphere and advice from people with experience. But before you can plan a photo shoot session, you’ll need to know how to create different poses that represent different emotions and ideas.

    You can prepare for your visit to the portrait studio by practicing your poses. All you need is a mirror and some time! Stand in front of your mirror and try different poses, such as putting one foot forward, placing your arms in different spots, and moving your head to find different sources of light. Analyze how your movements affect your reflection and which ones look best. This practice will help you create beautiful poses when you’re working with a professional photographer at a portrait studio.

    pose - picture

  • Essential Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot

    Are you preparing for a photo shoot? Whether you’ve landed a job or need new model headshots in New York City, you should feel comfortable and well-prepared to get in front of the camera. Keep reading for tips that can help you prepare for a successful photo shoot. successful-photoshoot

    Practice in the Mirror

    Every model should be aware of her best angles and know how her face and body will look in different positions and poses. The best way to accomplish this is to study yourself in the mirror. Before your photo shoot with a professional photographer, take some time to practice posing and find your best angles. This will help you know exactly how you’ll look when you change poses and facial expressions during your photo shoot.

    Learn About Lighting

    When you practice posing in the mirror, you should also test how different sources of lighting influence your visibility. Lighting plays an important role during a photo shoot, and a good model knows how to find the light and use it to create the perfect shot. During your photo shoot, use the lighting to highlight the products and features you wish to show off.

    Try Many Different Poses

    Modeling portraits should show off a model’s physical appearance as well as her versatility. Different types of posing work better for different themes and products. Whether you’re putting together a modeling portfolio or working on a specific shoot, you should keep trying different poses as the photographer keeps snapping pictures. Different poses provide the photographer or client with a wider variety of options. This makes it more likely that they’ll find the perfect picture.

    Communicate with the Photographer

    Teamwork is essential for any successful photo shoot. When you’re taking modeling portraits, it’s important to work as a team with everyone on set, especially the photographer. Models and photographers should communicate so they are on the same page about the motivation behind the scene as well as the goal of the shoot. Talk to your photographer about any questions or ideas you have.

  • Avoiding Headshot Mistakes

    Any aspiring model who is trying to get signed by an agency needs to have a great headshot. If you are planning to get professional model headshots near New York City, it’s important to know what agents want to see.

    As a general rule, model headshots should be simple, clean, and well-lighted. A good headshot will not include any features that will distract the viewer from your face, such as wild hair accessories or colorful wallpaper in the background. Many aspiring models mistakenly try to emulate their idea of what a model should look like, which can make their headshots look self-conscious. When you are getting ready for a modeling portrait, don’t try to style your hair and makeup like a model. Instead, the focus should be on you, posed in a natural, confident, and appealing way. You can ask your professional photographer for recommendations that will help you prepare to take an exceptional headshot.