• Styling Tips for Women for Corporate Headshots

    In the business world, it is always important to put forth a professional image. If you are planning to update your corporate headshots , use the following tips to ensure they look as put together and as professional as possible so you feel comfortable giving them to colleagues and clients:

    Opt for Plain-Colored Clothes

    If you want your corporate headshots to be useful for a long period of time, it is important to really consider your wardrobe choice. You should definitely avoid prints and patterns that might date your picture. Avoid flesh-toned colors that are too close to your natural skin color. Instead, you should try to pic mid-tones like blue, green, wine, purple, chocolate, navy, maroon, or forest green. If you wear a black jacket, try to pair it with a shirt in one of these colors to add some warmth to the photo.

    Choose a Modest Neckline

    The neckline of your blouse is an important factor to consider before getting headshots. You want to look professional but also still choose clothing that highlights your best features. A conservative v-neck is usually a great choice because it is modest enough to give you a professional image while still lengthening your neck.

    Stay Simple with Your Accessories

    You want to avoid huge statement pieces when you get a corporate headshot or you might inadvertently date the picture. Instead, you should choose simple jewelry like pearls or diamonds that help to keep the focus of the picture onto your face.

    Relax and Smile

    Listen to the photographer for direction while you are getting corporate headshots in Manhattan. Instead of facing the camera head-on, you should sit at an angle to show off your best side. You might want to take a few test shots so you can get really comfortable in front of the camera. Show off your smile so you look professional and approachable in your pictures.

  • Modeling Portfolios with Joyce Anderson Photography

    Joyce Anderson Photography is the place to go for modeling portfolios in Manhattan . As a former model, Joyce Anderson understands what it takes to create beautiful photographs that will get you noticed.

    Our staff is here to help you find the best pictures to use in your portfolio so you can find work in the career that you love. We are here to help you with every part of the process from finding the right look to choosing the best pictures to use in your portfolio. We can also help you make connections that could lead to future work.

    Our modeling portfolio packages give you access to the kinds of shots that you need. We offer a children’s portfolio, a pre-teen portfolio, an introductory session, the popular portfolio, and the ultimate portfolio to ensure that you have the pictures that will help your portfolio stand out. If you want to be a model, we can help you build your portfolio and start finding work.

  • Dressing for a Professional Headshot

    When taking a professional headshot , it is important to think about your outfit so you can get the best picture. Try to wear solid colors without prints or patterns. You should definitely avoid wearing any clothing with logos.

    Try to choose clothes that frame your face without becoming too overwhelming. The best clothing shows off your personality without being too loud. Remember to choose a stylish outfit that helps you get noticed.

    Check out this video for some more tips on how to dress for your visit to the headshot photographer near Manhattan. With the right outfit and the right photographer, it is easy to get the headshots you need for any occasion.

  • 5 Shots to Include in Your Modeling Portfolio [INFOGRAPHIC]

    5 Shots to Include in Your Modeling Portfolio

    Do you think you have what it takes to become a professional model? The world of modeling is competitive, but can be very rewarding for those who are successful. Whether you are just getting started in modeling or you have been at it for some time, you need a portfolio that shows off your abilities to clients and agents. As you are putting together your modeling portfolio near Manhattan , you’ll have to decide which professional photographs to include. For example, a model’s headshots should always go at the beginning of the portfolio, and should be followed by a full-length body shot. Take a look at this infographic from a fashion photographer in Manhattan to see what shots you should have in your modeling portfolio. Please share with your friends and fellow aspiring models.

  • Tips for Building Your Modeling Portfolio

    If you want to find work as a model, you have to build up a portfolio that shows potential clients what you can do. The pictures that you choose to put into this portfolio will directly impact whether or not you will get call backs from different clients. Use the following tips to build the best modeling portfolio that can help you expand your career:

    Find a Great Photographer

    When compiling a portfolio, it is always better to opt for quality over quantity. If you want your portfolio to get you noticed as a model, it is important to find a great photographer that can give you the photo quality that you need to get noticed with various clients in the future. Even if you can only afford to get a few really great shots, you should always do that instead of getting pictures that are not of great quality. Do some research to find a photographer with a reputation for delivering great modeling portraits in Manhattan.

    Show Different Looks

    The point of a modeling portfolio is to give a potential client a solid idea of your modeling abilities. This means that you should avoid including multiple pictures that show off similar looks. Instead, you should add some headshots, some body shots, and some pictures of you wearing different kinds of clothing. Working with a professional photographer can help you figure out the best kinds of pictures to include to get a diversified portfolio that can help you get jobs.

    Keep It Professional

    In the modeling world, a portfolio serves as your resume. For this reason, it is important to include the most professional pictures possible. If you do not want to get jobs working as a swimsuit or a lingerie model, you do not have to include those kinds of pictures in your portfolio. Work closely with a professional photographer to build a winning portfolio that will help you break into the industry and get regular work.