• Make-Up Tips for Actor Headshots

    When you need professional actor headshots in New York City, you should trust the professionals. Finding a professional headshot photographer and make-up artist will help you get pictures that show your personality and impress casting teams . Watch this video to learn how to make sure your make-up works for your actor headshots.

    If possible, you should work with a make-up artist who you enjoyed working with in the past. Talk about what type of make-up you normally wear so the artist will know how light or heavy to go. Be sure to communicate during the application process so the artist knows what you feel comfortable with. Look in the mirror to make sure you look like yourself before taking your actor headshots.

  • Working with Joyce Anderson Photography

    Whether you are in need of headshots for your personal or professional life, you are sure to have a great experience when you choose Joyce Anderson Photography . We offer an assortment of services, including modeling and acting photography as well as dating headshot photography in New York City.

    Joyce Anderson, a native New Yorker, worked as a model in college before becoming a photographer. Her experience in front of the camera certainly came in handy when she became a headshot photographer and moved behind the camera, allowing her to create a comfortable environment for models, actors, and business professionals in need of headshots. Her work has been featured in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Architectural Digest, and Town and Country.

    As an award-winning photographer, Joyce Anderson is able to help all of her clients feel comfortable and confident whether they’re taking professional pictures or dating headshots. You can learn more about Joyce Anderson and her studio by looking through our website.

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  • Benefits of Working with a Professional Photographer for Actor Headshots

    Is it time for you to take new actor headshots in New York City? If so, it is a good idea to hire a professional photographer to help you capture these pictures. Professionals know how to create the best images, letting you focus on showing your personality and practicing your craft. Keep reading to see the benefits of working with a professional photographer. actor - headshots

    Having the Right Equipment

    Your phone might have a great camera on it, but that doesn’t mean you should use it to capture your actor headshots. Even if you own a high-quality camera, it is always better to work with a professional photographer instead of trying to get your headshots on your own. Professionals have high-quality cameras designed to get great pictures of faces. They also have lighting, backdrops, and other items that can enhance the overall look of your photos.

    Getting Good Advice

    Along with having the right equipment, a professional photographer will also have great advice to help you get the actor headshots you want. Your photographer will have experience working with actors, meaning she will have great tips to offer you when it comes to setting the scene for excellent headshots.

    Showing Your Personality

    Actors must transform into the characters they are portraying. But for actor headshots, the only role you should be playing is yourself. These photos should show casting agents what you look like while also offering a glimpse of your personality. Talk to the photographer so you can work together to make sure you are displaying your personality during the photo shoot.

    Focusing on Your Work

    If you try to take your own actor headshots or have a friend take them for you, you will be responsible for editing the photos to create the final product. When you work with a professional photographer, she will be able to produce the final images that you can be proud to show off during an audition.

  • Maintaining Your Modeling Portfolio

    A modeling portfolio is a must-have for anyone interested in becoming a model. Directors and casting agents will rely on this book to determine if you are the right choice for a job. Working with a headshot photographer in New York City is the first step you can take to maintain a great modeling portfolio . Keep reading for more advice: modeling - headshot

    Find the right professional headshot photographer.

    Professional pictures are essential if you want to impress casting agents with your portfolio. That is why it is important to find a professional headshot photographer that will be able to produce fabulous pictures for you. These professionals have the tools and expertise to help you get the pictures you need to create and maintain an impressive modeling portfolio.

    Make sure your portfolio has a good variety of shots.

    No matter what type of modeling you want to do, it is always a good idea to show casting agents versatility. Adding a variety of shots to your portfolio will show that you can model for many different types of jobs. Start with beauty shots taken by a headshot photographer, then move on to full-body shots and location shots.

    Add new pictures when possible.

    Your modeling portfolio should show your versatility, but it should also offer casting agents a good representation of what you look like naturally. Adding new pictures can help you expand your portfolio while also keeping a more recent representation of your current appearance. Any time you work with a headshot photographer during your free time or for a job, think about whether you should add any of these new pictures to your portfolio.

    Always choose the best shots.

    You should never add pictures to your portfolio just for the sake of adding them; you should only add shots that will impress directors and casting agents. Every picture in your modeling portfolio should be the best picture from that photo shoot. Before adding a new picture to your portfolio, ask yourself if you would be happy with that picture if it were the only one a casting agent would see. If not, consider leaving it out of your portfolio.

  • Posing for Photo Shoots

    Building your modeling portfolio should include taking professional headshots in New York City . But when you get to the studio and meet with the professional headshot photographer, will you know what to do? Watch this short video to get some advice about posing.

    Comfort and confidence are two of the most important factors for any model to exhibit during a photo shoot. You can help yourself feel more comfortable by jumping while posing. This will allow you to let loose and may even result in some interesting shots from the professional headshot photographer. Another way to feel more comfortable and confident while taking professional headshots is to take on a character that helps you feel fierce.