• Catalog Modeling

    Catalog modeling is considered to be the bread and butter of the modeling industry. It doesn’t have the same allure as fashion and runway but it pays well and there is a lot of work out there. There are height and size requirements but the models can be a bit shorter than the fashion and […]

  • Fashion Print and Runway Modeling

    This is the most familiar and sought-after job in the industry; the job that most people dream about; the world of the “Super Model”. The physical requirements for this type of modeling are the most precise. As a rule female models need to be between 5′ 10″ tall and wear a size 4 dress. For […]

  • What “Type” of Model are You?

    As an aspiring model, it is important for you to figure out which type(s) of modeling you are best suited for. There are several different categories, all of which have different requirements. If you familiarize yourself with the different categories you will be put yourself on a more direct path towards a successful career in […]