• Fashion Models Strike a Pose

    Many elements must come together to create a beautiful picture , including a great pose. Before you work with a professional headshot photographer in New York City, it’s a good idea to practice posing so you can learn how your body and face look in different positions.

    As you’ll see in this video, there is no one right or wrong way to pose. During your photo shoot with a professional headshot photographer, you shouldn’t be afraid to try a wide variety of movements and facial expressions. It is important to act professionally, but you should also feel comfortable with your headshot photographer so you can let loose when it comes to trying different poses. Some of the weirdest or funniest posing techniques can create some of the best pictures.

  • How Exercise Can Improve Your Posing Abilities

    Posing is a major part of modeling , which is why it is important to practice a wide variety of posing techniques when working with a professional headshot photographer in New York City. Many models soon realize that posing requires strength, and that regular exercise should be a priority for every aspiring model. Exercising more can help you become stronger, which will benefit both your health and your modeling skills.

    While many poses look natural and graceful, they actually require the model to hold her body in unnatural and potentially uncomfortable positions. There are many exercises that can strengthen your core, which will make it much easier for you to hold poses for longer periods of time. Exercises that strengthen your arms and legs will also help you when it comes to trying out different poses that require awkward positions. When you exercise regularly, it is easier to maintain a healthy weight, which will also help you hold your body in various poses. Finally, working out can also boost your confidence and improve your mood. Both of these benefits can help you feel more energetic and alert when meeting with headshot photographers, allowing you to pose comfortably throughout the photo shoot.

    model - pose

  • Why Models Should Attend Monthly Seminars

    When you work with a professional headshot photographer in New York City, you’ll learn about upcoming events like monthly seminars . These events typically feature photographers, models, and other industry professionals that teach a number of lessons and workshops throughout the day. Continue reading to see why you should attend monthly seminars. model - photo

    Learn from the Professionals

    Models should always take the chance to learn from professionals, and monthly seminars provide the perfect opportunity to do so. When you attend a seminar from a professional headshot photographer, you’ll get priceless insight into how the person on the other side of the camera thinks and behaves during a photo shoot. This can help you during future photo shoots, as you’ll have more knowledge regarding other aspects of this type of job.


    Along with lessons from a professional headshot photographer, you’ll also get an opportunity to network with other industry professionals when you attend monthly seminars. Networking is an important part of every industry, and models can seriously benefit from introducing themselves to photographers, casting directors, and agency representatives during monthly seminars.

    Meet Other Models

    Attending monthly seminars hosted by a professional headshot photographer can also help you meet other models that live close to you. Meeting and making friends with your peers can help you feel more comfortable and confident. These relationships can also help improve your modeling, as you can share tips and tricks with one another, and let each other know about casting opportunities that might be appealing or rewarding.

    Stay on Top of the Latest Trends

    As a model, it is important to know about the latest trends in fashion and makeup as well as the latest modeling techniques and tricks. You can do a lot of research on your own, but attending monthly seminars will provide you with a wide variety of knowledge regarding modeling and fashion trends. Working with industry professionals and fellow models can help you stay on top of the latest news in the modeling world.

  • Makeup Tips for Pictures

    Wearing makeup is a great way to enhance your natural features for a photo shoot with a headshot photographer in New York City. Along with ensuring that your makeup looks good in person, you’ll also want to make sure it’ll look good in the pictures that the headshot photographer captures.

    You can learn how to apply makeup that is sure to look great in pictures by watching this video. Start by washing, toning, and moisturizing your face. Find a foundation that is designed to look natural and flattering in pictures. Apply the foundation evenly and add color back to your face with bronzer and blush. The headshot photographer’s camera might wash out your eyebrows and lips, so define them by applying a brow pencil and a lip liner.