• What is the New York Models Black Book?

    Models can work in a variety of different fields, including both high fashion and commercial industries. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a professional model, it’s important to get in contact with a professional headshot photographer in New York City. This will help you start building a model portfolio that contains professional headshots as well as learn about other steps to take when starting a career.

    One of the most important steps you’ll need to take in this process is finding representation. Modeling agencies represent models in all industries, helping them find work and make connections that can help them grow their careers. An easy and effective way to find representation is by looking through the New York Models Black Book. Aspiring models can look through this book to learn about different modeling agencies throughout New York. This makes it easier for models to find the right agencies that will help them build portfolios with professional headshots and find work that can add more pictures to their portfolios.

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  • How Professional Make-Up and Hair Styling Can Improve Your Photo Shoot

    There are many different elements involved in taking professional headshots in New York City. Along with the photographer and model, there may be other players during the session—including professional make-up artists and hair stylists. Keep reading to see how professional make-up and hair styling can improve your photo shoot: hair - makeup

    Making You Feel More Confident

    Confidence is one of the most important elements of a successful photo shoot. If you do not feel good about the way you look, these negative feelings can translate into your pictures. Luckily, it is easy to feel confident in your appearance when you rely on professional make-up and hair styling before your photo shoot. Make-up and hair styling services will help you achieve a fabulous look, making it easier to feel comfortable and confident during your professional headshot session. You can also feel confident that you have a professional appearance that matches the level of your photographer.

    Helping You Get into Character

    No matter what type of photo shoot you’re participating in or what types of products you will be trying to sell, you’ll want to develop some sort of character for the shoot. Your character will be someone who uses the product or service in a way that encourages viewers to do the same. The styling professionals can choose make-up colors and hair styles that work well with the product or service being advertised. Professional make-up and hair styling services can help you develop this character, which will help you capture a better professional headshot.

    Letting You Focus on the Shoot

    Have you ever tried to do your own make-up or hair before a professional headshot session? If so, you know how difficult it can be to act as a make-up artist, hair stylist, and a model. Even if you are skilled at applying make-up and styling your own hair, it can be difficult to create the right look when you’re focusing on being a model. When you have professional make-up and hair styling services, you can focus on the shoot and not what’s happening behind the scenes.

  • Model Photo Shoot Tips

    A beautiful picture can go a long way for promoting a product or service. Models may be the people in the pictures, but they are not the only ones involved in getting the shot! Photographers, directors, make-up artists, and stylists are just some of the other people who play a role in any professional headshot session in New York City.

    Watch this video to get more information about what goes on behind the scenes of a model photo shoot. Even if it’s your first time working with a professional headshot photographer, it’s important to focus on getting a great shot. Some professional headshot photographers will give you a lot of direction while others won’t, but you should focus on providing a variety of poses in order to get a great professional headshot.

  • Why Actors Need Headshots

    One of the first steps an actor takes before going on auditions is getting headshots. When you get professional actor headshots in New York City, you will be able to leave them with casting directors for every audition you attend. Here is a closer look at why actors need headshots: actor - headshot

    They are part of an actor’s resume.

    No matter what type of job you are interested in, it is always a good idea to have a resume. If you are interested in acting, then your resume should include a professional actor headshot. Appearance plays an important role in the casting process, and directors must be able to see what each candidate looks like in order to find the best fit for each role. Actors typically attach their resumes and contact information back-to-back on their headshots.

    They can leave a lasting impression.

    Casting directors see a lot of faces when they are trying to find actors. Even if you do a great job during an audition, it can be difficult for a casting director to remember you at the end of the day. Luckily, actor headshots help casting directors remember their favorite actors, allowing them to cast each role perfectly.

    They help actors become more camera-ready.

    Actors need to feel comfortable in front of the camera if they want to succeed in the industry. If you want to enter this industry, it is a good idea to get as much time in front of cameras as possible. When you schedule an appointment with a professional headshot photographer, you will be able to gain more experience while working with someone who knows what she is doing.

    They serve as a canvas.

    When you are acting, you are portraying a totally different person. When you take professional headshots, you are only portraying yourself. Actor headshots should show off your looks in the most flattering way possible. By providing casting directors with these pictures, you make it easier for them to see you and determine whether or not you will fit for a certain role.