Discover your Smile

Today’s online dating websites and apps make it easier than ever to get back into dating. If you’re interested in creating a profile to attract potential matches, you should start by taking a great picture . While a New York City dating headshot photographer can help you get a beautiful photo to put on your profile, you’ll want to practice your smile before scheduling a photography session.

A great smile may come naturally to some, but others need a little practice. That’s why it’s always a good idea to practice smiling in front of a mirror before taking any type of picture, including a dating headshot. If you don’t feel comfortable taking a picture straight-on, try moving your head and neck around to find your most flattering angles. You can also practice smiling with your teeth showing as well as with a closed mouth to get a good range of dating headshot options. When you work with a personal headshot photographer, you can get more advice that will help you create a wonderful picture.

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