Actor Basics: Getting the Right Headshot

Every aspiring actor in New York City needs actor headshots . These pictures show casting agents what you look like and play an important role in the auditioning process. Use this guide to understand how to get a great headshot before you start going on auditions:


Practice posing in the mirror.

You’ll need to know how to pose properly if you want to get a great headshot. Look at yourself in the mirror as you make slight changes to your posture and facial expression. It’s important to recognize how your face and body feel when you find the poses you like best. When it’s time to sit for your headshot, you’ll know how to pose your body and face to get the picture you want.

Work with a professional photographer.

Schedule an appointment at a portrait studio when you’re ready to get your next actor headshot. Working with a professional photographer will ensure that your picture is captured with a high-quality camera and high-quality accessories. You can also talk to the photographer to get ideas for your headshot and learn about the important elements that must come together to create a great picture, such as good lighting and a subject that is comfortable and confident.

Keep it natural.

When you’re out with friends and pose for pictures, looking glamourous might be your top priority. But when you’re posing for your actor headshots, it’s better to keep things as natural as possible. Your headshot should give casting agents the best possible idea of what you naturally look like so they can determine how your appearance will work with different roles.

Update your headshot as needed.

Your headshot should always represent your current appearance. If you experience a physical change such as growing facial hair, getting a drastically different hairstyle, or altering your body type, it’s a good idea to schedule another appointment at a portrait studio. Find a photographer you’re comfortable with so it’s easier to keep a current headshot.