What is a Beauty Shot?

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Simply put, a beauty shot is a close up image that captivates the viewer. It can be intriguing, seductive, innocent, charming or joyful. The model can be looking directly into the camera or away from it as long as the image produces a pleasant response.

A beauty shot can be clean or commercial looking; it can be edgy or it can be artsy. The possibilities are endless. The key is that it must be a turn on.

It is important for a model to have several different beauty shots in their modeling portfolio; images that show different looks and a range of emotion; however, it is the opening shot of the book that is the most important.

This is the image that must capture the attention of the viewer and invite them to take a closer look. Direct eye contact gives the model the power to do this.

This shot is all about the model; not about the makeup or about the technical skills of the photographer. It should be simple and straightforward yet evoke a powerful emotion.

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