What to Include in Your Modeling Portfolio

New York City is one of the international centers of the fashion industry, so it should be no surprise that there are thousands of people shopping their modeling portfolios around Manhattan. While you want to stand out from the crowd, you should be aware of the standard types of photos that fashion photographers, talent agents, and modeling agencies look for when they browse your portfolio. Consider including:

Modeling Portraits New York City

A Classic Portrait

You need to have at least one modeling portrait. You may choose to make this the cover of your portfolio. Bear in mind that this type of portrait is very specific, and should be different from a corporate headshot. A model’s portrait should showcase his or her attractiveness and allure, without being too avant-garde or offbeat.

A Full Length Body Shot

To be successful as a model, you need to showcase your style and body language. There are plenty of pretty faces out there, so anyone flipping through your portfolio will want to see more than just your portrait. Choose a full-length shot that you feel exemplifies your personal aesthetic.

A Black and White Shot

Black and white shots are still widely used in both fashion and artistic photography, so you may wish to include one in your portfolio. A black and white shot focuses the viewer’s attention on the subject—you—prioritizing line, form, and shadow over color and other distractions.

A Fun, Personal Shot

Agents in Manhattan see thousands of bland portfolios that contain perfect but generic shots of gorgeous models. While you want to include the above standards in your portfolio, you can select one more quirky, candid shot that you feel captures your unique, one-of-a-kind charm.

A Location Shot

For your portrait and your full length body shot, it is a good idea to choose safe studio shots. In a professional photographer’s studio, every aspect of lighting and image can be perfectly controlled. But you should consider including a location shot from outside the studio to demonstrate your ability to create a more natural, candid, effortless look.