2017 NYC Seminars with a Professional Headshot Photographer

Working with a professional headshot photographer in NYC is a great way to build your portfolio or update your corporate pictures. Here at Joyce Anderson Photography, we also offer seminars that can help you improve your skills, meet professionals in the industry, and enhance your career. Learn more about the benefits you can gain from attending our upcoming seminars:

Posing Techniques

Our second seminar on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 will focus on posing techniques. During the event, you will learn about the best techniques for achieving different angles and stances that work best for specific photo shoots. A professional model will be in attendance to show off these posing techniques in person, making it easier to understand the techniques being discussed. You will also learn about the different elements that can affect a photo shoot along with your poses, such as lighting, background, and theme.

Different Applications

While a seminar on posing techniques might seem like it is solely for those in the modeling industry, it can actually be beneficial for anyone in need of pictures for professional or personal use. Aspiring models can learn the basics of pulling poses for commercial and editorial photo shoots. Business professionals can learn how to pose properly for flattering and appropriate corporate photographs. Posing lessons can also help you learn how to take the best pictures to put on your social media and dating profiles, letting you take total control of your online image.

How to Attend

This seminar is scheduled to take place at 11:00 am on Saturday, June 3rd at Joyce Anderson Photography, located at 301 East 66th Street, Suite 8C in New York City, 10065. There is a $75 attendance fee, which can be applied to your photo shoot if you schedule one, and cash, check, M/C, Visa, or American Express accepted. With only 15 spots available, seating is limited—so you’ll want to secure your ticket as soon as possible.

Moving Forward

When you sign up to attend a Joyce Anderson Photography seminar, you’ll receive a Joyce Anderson $75 Gift Card and a Free Copy of “The Professional’s Guide to Modeling” by Roger Talley. You can also book a photo shoot session for a future date. This session can be useful for building your modeling portfolio, obtaining new corporate pictures, or even enhancing your social media presence. Are you interested in attending a seminar with a professional headshot photographer in New York City? If so, contact Joyce Anderson Photography today at (646) 259-3820 to learn more about signing up for our upcoming events.